Rule Options

Characters should be built using the point buy variant, no rolled stats. Anything from the Player’s Handbook or the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion should be okay. I don’t have the Sword Coast book, so I don’t feel comfortable using that.

The one concession I would ask is that everyone’s character be heroic in some way. This campaign is all about saving the world, so characters that are just in it for money will probably feel railroaded — heroes only need apply.

Because the adventures will level up in a predictable way, I will be giving out level advances based on story progression instead of xp from combat and quests (generally it will be one and rarely 2 levels per adventure). Hopefully this will encourage people to seek non-combat solutions to problems sometimes and avoid the feeling that you need to kill everything just to get the extra xp.

From PHB:
Human racial variants is allowed

Feats are allowed.

From DMG:
Rules for poisons, including harvesting. Note that poisons are usually illegal and will require finding and gaining the trust of a seller if you want to purchase them. They are expensive too.

Flanking variant will be used.

Action Option: Climb onto a creature (pending if it gets silly)

Action Option: Overrun

Action Option: Shove Aside

Action Option: Tumble

Not using Action Options: Disarm or Mark

Rule Options

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