6,700; another 1,000 live within a five-mile radius of the town itself. The people of Brindol are mostly humans, half-elves, and dwarves. The town’s population swells by several hundred whenever some connected halfling clans known as “the river people” are in town.

A town has a council, two-thirds of whom are hereditary landlords and the remainder of whom are guildmasters from the city’s important trade guilds. Lord Warden Harrik Orenna is the public face of the council and commander of the city militia.

The city has 200 soldiers under arms at all times, with about one-quarter on duty at any given time. In times of crisis, the Lord Warden has access to another 200 well-equipped but poorly trained soldiers by calling up the militia.

Chatrenn and Sons; The Red Door; Avandrian Hostel; The Silk and Spoon; Pantashi Inn.

Ilya’s Cardhouse; The Marooned Schooner; Cleftie’s; Brindol Gentleman’s Club; the Blue Parrot; the Antler and Thistle.

Major Guilds:
Prospectors; Blacksmiths and Smelters; Teamsters and Farriers; Weavers; River Bargemen (halfling controlled).

Alchemy by Adronsius (currently closed); Gavriel Arms and Smithy; Staghunter Outfitters; Alpenglow Trading House.

Temple of Erathis; College of Ioun; Shrine of the Sun (Pelor); Moondust Temple (Sehanine); Shrine of Bahamut (no permanent clergy); Shrine of the Open Door (Avandra).

Map Key
1. City Gates
2. Chatrenn and Sons (Inn)
3. Axenhaft Security (Guard Service)
4. Alpenglow Trading House
5. Brindol Market
6. The Red Door (Inn)
7. Red Magic and Sundries (Magic Shop)
8. College of Ioun
9. Guildmaster’s Street (various)
10. Shrine of the Open Door
11. Brindol Academy
12. Ilya’s Cardhouse (Tavern)
13. Kaal Manor (Noble Estate)
14. Shrine of Bahamut
15. Brindol Gentleman’s Club
16. The Hall of Great Valor
17. Shrine of the Sun
18. Brindol Keep
19. Haskin Mansion (Noble Estate)
20. Brindol Cemetery
21. Temple of Erathis


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