Magic Items

Buying Magic Items

Magic items are expensive and difficult to produce, often taking months or even years to produce all but the most mundane of items. (the exception being potions and scrolls, see above) Despite the cost, a market exists for these items among wealthy adventurers and noblemen. In large cities, magic shops often exist, although they are more like brokerage services, with the proprietor using his connections to connect buyers with sellers and making a handsome profit in the meantime.

Brokers buy low and sell high. They will pay 1/10th of the base price to buy unwanted magic items, and if they have an item available, they will charge 10 times the base price. The prices listed below are in addition to the base cost of any item (i.e. weapon or armor cost).

Rarity Base Price (gp) Availability Delivery Time
Common 100 100% Same Day
Uncommon 500 80% 1d6 Days
Rare 5,000 50% 1d8 Days
Very Rare 50,000 20% 1d10 Days
Legendary 500,000 0% -

Of course, brokers are usually a last resort. If the character has the time, they can search for sellers on their own. A search requires one week and an Intelligence (Investigation) check with the DC from the table below. If two characters work together the roll can be made with advantage. On a successful check, a seller is found. The character then makes a Charisma (Persuasion) roll to negotiate a price and adds the result to a d100 plus the modifier for the item rarity listed below.

Rarity Investigation DC Result Modifier
Common 15 +10
Uncommon 18 0
Rare 21 -10
Very Rare 24 -20

Legendary items cannot be purchased from the market

d100 + Charisma (Persuasion) + rarity modifier:

d100+modifier Base Price Times
20 or lower 10
21-30 8
31-40 6
41-50 5
51-60 4
61-70 3
71-80 2
81 or higher 1

Selling Magic Items

Selling magic items works much like buying them, with the results table below.

d100+modifier Base Price Times
20 or lower 0.1
21-30 0.2
31-40 0.3
41-50 0.4
51-60 0.5
61-70 0.6
71-80 0.8
81 or higher 1

Magic Items

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